Zhang Laboratory

    Peng Zhang, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine (Research), Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University
    Email: PZhang@Lifespan.org

    Dr. Peng Zhang has a diverse background in medicine and cellular and molecular biology. He is investigating cardiac remodeling in response to hemodynamic stress, with a particular focus on cardiac fibroblasts and their role and regulation in the normal and diseased heart. The long-term goal of his studies is to advance understanding of the signaling mechanisms that determine cardiac fibroblast function and may provide new opportunities for treatment and prevention of cardiac fibrosis, a major pathologic end-point of many forms of heart disease. Dr. Zhang utilizes both in vitro (primary culture of cardiac fibroblasts) and in vivo (reactive and reparative fibrosis) models in his research along with gene manipulation approaches and analytical techniques (e.g., cellular and molecular assays, in vivo hemodynamic measurement with pressure-volume catheters). Recently, his research interest expanded to microRNAs, which are newly identified, essential regulatory molecules in both cardiac development and disease. He is investigating their expression, regulation and role in regulating cardiac fibroblast function.