Feng Laboratory

    Jun Feng, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor of Surgery, Director Cardiothoracic Research Lab
    Email: JFeng@Lifespan.org

    Dr. Feng’s research efforts are both basic and translational, mainly focusing on endothelial biology and cardiovascular diseases caused by metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, heart failure, ischemia/reperfusion under condition of cardioplegic arrest and cardiopulmonary bypass. More recently, Dr. Feng has initiated a novel study to investigate how metabolic changes during diabetes regulate calcium-activated-potassium channels and coronary endothelium function of animal and human coronary circulation. His research goal is to develop new therapeutic strategies that ultimately should benefit patients with macro- and micro-vascular diseases. Dr. Feng serves as PI on grants funded by National Institute of Health (R01, and NIH-COBRE-Pilot Project), American Heart Association (Grant-in-Aid) and the Rhode Island Foundation. Dr. Feng also serves as co-investigator on grants funded by NIH and the other local funding organizations.

    Laboratory Staff

    Guangbin Shi
    Senior Research Assistant
    Rhode Island Hospital
    Email: gshi@lifespan.org

    Vahid Agbortoko
    Research Assistant
    Rhode Island Hospital
    Email: Agbortoko.V@gmail.com

    Zhiqi Zhang
    Visiting Scholar
    Rhode Island Hospital
    Email: ZZhang2@Lifespan.org